Keep control over your calendar

Take advantage of opt-in bookings that make you confirm the meeting before it happens.


Opt-in Bookings Make Scheduling Simple 

There's nothing easier than sharing a bookable link. It makes appointment setting effortless instead of tedious.

Using's opt-in booking feature is great for ensuring that appointments are only added to your schedule after you confirm them.

This means that you don't have to worry about your calendar being altered or filled up with events you haven't officially agreed to.

This helps to protect your time and keep your calendar clutter-free. It also reduces the impact of accidental or unsolicited bookings.

You get to choose when to activate's opt-in feature. You don't have to use it for every bookable event, but it's there whenever you need it.

Check conflicts across multiple calendars

As with all our event types, you can connect multiple calendars from Google Calendar to Apple Calendar. This enables us to ensure your work and personal calendars are checked before showing availabilities to the end user.

Don't get overbooked

Booking limits

Choose the amount of times someone can book you. Whether it's one time a week, or three times a day, you control your schedule.

Buffer time

Stop rushing from meeting to meeting. Set minimum amounts of booking time between your meetings to eliminate jumping from call to call, back to back.

Let people book when it works for both of you