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Calendly paved the way for scheduling software companies, Cal.com brought it to the next level.

Cal.com vs Calendly

Benefits of scheduling software

Scheduling appointments can be challenging and time-consuming. An automated scheduling tool streamlines things by eliminating this tedious back-and-forth. During the process of determining the best scheduling software, you might find yourself cross-comparing Cal.com and Calendly.

Both of these products are solutions that will fully integrate with your calendars. They also come with features like built-in reminders and follow-ups. This is great because it helps to reduce the amount of time that's typically taken up by scheduling-related administrative tasks. Using these types of platforms is an easy way to free up time-based resources so you can focus and engage more with your clients.

Shared features

Calendly and Cal.com both offer essential scheduling features that enhance efficiency for individuals and businesses. Each platform comes with easy integration options that support popular calendar services like Google Calendar and Outlook. This is essential because it ensures that appointments are seamlessly synced without conflicts. Both Calendly and Cal.com support automated reminders and follow-ups, helping to reduce no-shows and maintain communication with clients.

Why are people switching to Cal.com?

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Better value for money

Cal.com offers advanced features and unlimited event types completely free of charge for individual users.


Beautiful and intuitive UI

User-friendly interface and sleek, minimalistic design differentiate Cal.com from its competitors.


Memorable links

With Cal.com, you can fully customize your own link to make yourself easier to remember.

Main differences

Cal.com and Calendly both offer robust scheduling solutions, but there are several distinct advantages to choosing Cal.com. One of the main differences is the level of customization available. Cal.com provides extensive customization options, allowing users to modify the scheduling interface and functionalities to align perfectly with their brand and operational needs, which is more limited with Calendly.

Another significant advantage of Cal.com is its pricing structure. It offers a more flexible and affordable pricing model, including a comprehensive free plan that is especially beneficial for startups and small businesses aiming to maximize functionality while keeping costs low. This makes Cal.com an economically viable option compared to Calendly, which might require upgrading to premium plans for similar features.

In terms of technology integration, Cal.com also stands out. It supports a broader array of integrations and provides API access for bespoke solutions, thus offering better adaptability to complex tech ecosystems than Calendly. This is particularly advantageous for organizations that rely on customized workflows and require seamless integration with various tools and systems.

In addition, Cal.com’s open-source platform offers transparency and community-driven enhancements that are not possible with Calendly's proprietary software. This open-source nature allows for ongoing improvements and customization, which can be critical for tech-savvy businesses looking to tailor the tool to their specific needs.

Lastly, Cal.com places a stronger emphasis on data privacy and security, implementing advanced protection measures that surpass those of Calendly. This focus on security makes Cal.com especially suitable for organizations with stringent compliance and data protection requirements, providing peace of mind that client and company data are handled with the highest standards of security.

When to choose Cal.com?

Cal.com stands as the obvious choice for any business or individual who values customization, security, and privacy. Cal.com also comes with competitive pricing. This helps to ensure that Cal.com's scheduling solutions are available to businesses of all sizes. Cal.com integrates seamlessly with a broad range of tools and services, enhancing existing tech stacks and facilitating custom integrations through API access. Additionally, Cal.com features a user-friendly interface that simplifies scheduling while maintaining advanced functionality. It also prioritizes user privacy and data security with advanced encryption and compliance, making it a comprehensive and secure choice for businesses.

"I went from Calendly to Cal.com and never looked back; more intuitive and open-source."

Tim SchweitzerTim Schweitzer

"More elegant than Calendly, more open than SavvyCal, Cal.com works and it feels just right."

Flo MerianFlo Merian

"I was a Calendly stan since before it was mainstream. I loved the idea - but as of 2024, I don’t see why anyone would wanna use anything other than Cal.com for this purpose!"

Kritika NarulaKritika Narula

Ok, I get it. How do I make the switch?

Switching to Cal.com is very easy. We offer multiple resources to help you getting started and you can always count on our support.

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