Embeds should be easy

Embed your booking link with a click of a button to your website. No redirects, no hassle. Just a simple booking experience, in house.

Simply matched styles

Styling customization is a breeze, make your embed look like an indiscernible part of your website. High UI customization makes it a seamless experience from your website.

Many embeds, one page

More than one availability? No problem. Create multiple embeds to display all of your availability on one website page.

Get your Cal.com booking page on your website by using the Embed feature.

Without utilizing the embed:

  1. Add your Cal.com link to the page.

  2. The link opens in a new tab or in the same tab (replacing your website)

  3. The attendee would book your link and then come back to your website (if you use the in the event type settings)

When using the Cal.com embed:

  1. Attendees would directly see your booking link inside your own webpage like it's part of your website (Yes, you can heavily customize embed styling)

  2. Using the inline embed, the entire booking would happen on your website, making it a seamless end-user experience.

Scheduling should be simple, and adding a bookable event to your website should be effortless.

With Cal, adding an embeddable event is as easy as clicking a button. Our platform lets you choose from a variety of embeddable formats.

You can choose to display your embedded event inline, or as a button or pop-up. You can also customize the look of your embed without having to touch a single line of code.

Once you’re ready, Cal.com generates a previewable block of HTML or React that you can copy and paste wherever you need to.

Embedding bookable events isn’t complicated, frustrating or difficult when you use Cal.com

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Let people book when it works for both of you