Developers First and Foremost

Integrate and extend based on your needs with our codebase and API.


Cal is developer friendly is proud to be an open-source product. We want developers to feel empowered as dynamic and creative community members. Platform

The Platform plan is the best choice for starting a scheduling business. You can white-label the design or change every line of code to make it work. Learn more here:


Our developer docs act as a starting point for individuals who want to build apps and customize the way Cal looks and works for them.

API Testing

Developers can also utilize our developer docs to test the API without worrying about it affecting their live data or interacting with their real calendar connections.


You also can check out our GitHub if you want to download the code base and participate in the real-time evolution of the product.

Cal as a product is committed to being developer friendly because that's the best way to ensure the product stays innovative as it grows.

Features developers love

With Cal, developers can easily build on top of the code-base or customize the resources as per their needs. We offer various ways to directly access and manage data to accomplish tasks quicker. Whether it is about automating the flows using Webhooks, accessing and managing resources using the actively maintained API, using workflows to set sms and email reminders for your booked events or even embedding cal on your personal website, we do it all.

Let people book when it works for both of you