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Crove App: A case study

Assantewa Heubi
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Crove App: A case study

What makes different?

The whole idea behind is to ensure that people have the infrastructure, tools, and resources they need to meet. We want to take the back and forth out of coordinating schedules so that our users have more time to focus on what matters most. One of the great things about is that our product is customizable and flexible. Users of all sizes can tailor their scheduling environment so that it's suited to their specific needs. In the following case study, we introduce you to an innovative organization using as part of their scheduling environment.

Meet Crove is a SaaS product that transforms the document creation process. You can think of it like DocuSign on steroids. The nine-person team behind Crove is committed to changing how we relate to the creation of repetitive documents. They understand that repetition can be something other than exhausting and resource-intensive. Instead, it can be impactful and efficient, especially if you're using With Crove, you can access templates that can be used for everything from generating NDAs and non-compete agreements to employee onboarding letters. Crove also lets you create your own custom document templates. Using Crove's programmable documents streamlines administrative workflows by reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring all documents have consistent branding.

Why Crove chose

Before the chose to use for their calendar scheduling infrastructure, they used Calendly. Unfortunately, the default length of Calendly URLs is quite long. This negatively impacted the memorability of their booking handles and limited the product's impact. Luckily, a member of the Crove team heard about on a podcast and decided to check us out. They soon discovered that has ultra-short URLs and all of the functions of Calendly, plus a little extra. This meant they could secure a much shorter booking handle that was easily remembered and frequently utilized. Crove discovered that had multiple easy-to-implement options allowing them to integrate calendar scheduling infrastructure within their website.

What Crove loves about

So far, has met all of Crove's scheduling needs. The scheduling interface has been easy to use and allows team members to quickly schedule internal and external meetings. Less time is spent going back and forth trying to coordinate meetings, and more time is spent making meaningful things happen.

How to Sign Up for a Account

  • Visit to see what we're all about. 

  • From there, check out our plans to see which is best for you. 

  • Next, hit the sign-up button. 

  • Then, choose a username and enter an email address. 

  • Remember to create a password and then click the sign-up button. 

  • Alternatively, you can also create an account using SAML SSO or Google. 

  • Next, enter your full name and select your primary time zone. 

  • Select the black button labeled "Next." 

  • Choose the calendars you would like to connect with. 

  • Next, set your default availability schedule. 

  • Then, upload a profile picture and some bio text. 

  • Next, click the finish button. 

  • Finally, create some bookable events and share your meeting link. scheduling infrastructure can help businesses of all types. If you'd like to test our product, click the link below. Remember, time saved is time gained. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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